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We have planted Verdelho, Chambourcin and Dolcetto. Verdelho originated in Portugal where it is famous for making Madeira, but in Australia Verdelho produces a uniquely fine white table wine with citrus flavours and a clean fresh palate.

Chambourcin is a French variety that produces a full-bodied red wine with rich purple colour that is equally enjoyable as a Rosé or a sparkling red. Chambourcin is particularly well suited to the Mid North Coast because of its strong growth habit, excellent bunch size and natural resistance to disease.

Dolcetto is a black wine grape variety widely grown in the Piedmont region of northwest Italy. The Italian word Dolcetto means “little sweet one” because of its nature, so named because of its nature. Dolcetto makes an excellent medium bodied, dry red wine or a superb sparkling Rosé.


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